Sunday, March 1, 2009

Milk Can Cause Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a result of bones that experience premature aging. We may be surprised that milk can causes osteoporosis. Old doctrine told that the more calcium is consumed, the stronger our bones get. But, excess calcium (from milk and other calcium diet or supplement) enhances osteoporosis. How come?

This is proven by statistical data that showed countries where much milk is consumed, osteoporosis / hip-fracture incidence should be clearly higher than in countries that does not have tradition of consuming milk. The osteoporosis risk higher in US, Netherland, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, New Zealand than in Asia and Africa. If you notice the countries I mention, white people have higer risk. But this is not due to genetically factor. Osteoporosis incidence in female Asians is much lower than in Asian females living in the USA just like osteoporosis incidence (and calcium consumption) in African Bantu women is much lower than in Bantu women living in the USA. And both calcium intake and hip-fracture rate is far lower in South African Blacks than in African Americans.

Calcium absorption needs osteoblasts activity, that also have composing new bone matrix function. Deportation of calcium from bone needs osteoclast. If the more calcium is absorbed into bones, production and activity of osteoblast and osteoclast is also increased. The more calcium is absorbed, the more calcium is exhausted. Osteoblasts die in new bones matrix formation. Osteobalst death is related to osteoporosis.
But only if too much calcium is actually absorbed into the bones can cause osteoporosis. The body normally absorbs just as much calcium from our food as it needs. Only about 200 mg is absorbed into the blood, on the average. Imagine if we consume 300 mg, 500 mg or even 700 mg calcium dietary daily!
How about the bone mineral density? People get stronger bones by consuming milk, doesn’t it? Bone mineral density (BMD) can be increased by consuming much calcium, but that will exhaust your bones sooner. Stronger bones is just temporarily effect, not a life time effect. A low BMD is a preventive way If you consume little calcium all your life. If calcium intake is very low, there will still not be a lack of calcium for the calcification of bone-matrix. The only difference will be that the bones will not age prematurely, and that they will not contain abundant calcium. But the opposite reason is not a preventive: if the BMD is low as the result of exhausted osteoblasts. BMD is decreased in osteoporosis due to the lack of new bone-matrix. Holes do not contain calcium.
We’d better consuming natural food but not too excessive. Fish and eggs would be the solution (but remember: not in high amount).


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